Menu Planning Monday

How are you this wild and windy Monday morning – Back to Menu Planning MondayIf you wish to learn more about Menu planning – click the Link HERE or link up with I am an Organizing Junkie HERE where they have a link up every Monday.

So here is our Menu for this week – today I am throwing a stew in the slowcooker. 


This Tummy warming Stew is just the thing when the weather is awful as it does what it says on the tin – warms your tummy and if perfect comfort food. 


Both Aldi and  Supervalu have offers on Porks and glazing them is so easy and tasty.


This Bacon and chorizo gratin is the ultimate comfort food – perfect for stormy winter day. 


I have a conference on Thursday so will be exhausted so I plan on making this Pizza up beforehand so all I have to do it pop it in the oven with some home-made wedges which I have in the freezer which are  adapted from a Slimming world recipe so good for you and if you want to make them healthier try Sweet Potatoes in place of normal Potatoes. I have provided a Printable recipe HERE


Slowcooker chilli let me count the ways I love you – your many uses, the fact we all love you in this house, the fact you are so darn easy to make and cook while I am at work. 


Better clean that slowcooker out because this recipe from the Recipe Critic is fantastic – Tried it and Loved it – I highly recommend you check out her site it has some wonderful recipes and this one is for the slow cooker – my favorite kind of recipe.


The old traditional Roast followed by this Peach Upside Down Cake  it is easy but looks fantastic and tastes great – serve it with Icecream or cream or if you are being good Greek Yoghurt.

I know I am late getting this up – the washing machine broke again, today I am waiting on delivery of a new one. 


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