Menu Planning Monday

I mentioned Yesterday in my Countdown to Christmas Post that it might be a good idea to eat from the Freezer and that is just what we are doing this week I want to clear it out so I can fill it with goodies for Christmas – so welcome to Freezer Clearing – Menu Planning Monday ūüôā

The Freezer needs a good clear out and hopeful this menu will do that – so here it the menu for this week you can see all the blue Freezer dot on it. Don’t forget if you want to learn more about menu Planning click here¬†¬†it includes a free printable so you can get started, Or check out I am an Organizing Junkie who have a link up every Monday of lots of menus to give you ideas.


Simple we have pork chops and lots of vegetables and this recipe is a tasty one РI am hungry just thinking about it 


This is one of my Freezer Meals¬†or what is known as a “Dump Meal ”¬†you just dump the lot into the slowcooker and cook on low for a delicious meal served over pasta or rice.


Nothing could be nicer to come home to on a freezing cold day than a pot of this Tummy warming stew  and I have some that I froze a few weeks ago as leftovers to defrost and eat.


Going to use up the last of the Homemade Pizza dough and a bag of spicy potato wedges I have in the freezer.


I am going to make Pulled pork or Pork Carnitas with the rest of the pork in the freezer – there is a great slowcooker recipe HERE


Chicken and Blackbean Sauce with Stirfry Veg – all in the freezer and Noodles from the Cupboard will make a tasty treat on Saturday.


A roast dinner as usual followed by this Easy Chocolate Fudge cake and we can finish off what ice-cream is left in the freezer.

That should hopefully clear the freezer ready for anything we need for the Holidays.


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