The 4 week Countdown to an Organised Christmas- week 3

I hope that you’re all keeping well dear readers- I unfortunately am fighting a particularly nasty chest infection which is why this post is a little late.

But the countdown to Christmas never stops and here is the The 4 Week Countdown to an Organised Christmas – WEEK 3 

1. Finish writing and sending you final parcels and cards this week – I have to run to the post office myself to get some things in the post.


Get the decorations down – if you still haven’t put up the tree time to check out last years decorations – are you sticking to the same theme, are any baubles broken, do you need new tinsel – this is the time to find out and get those bits . This time last year I had the tree up I am behind myself due to being poorly and having a rambunctious puppy to deal with.


 Make hot chocolate gifts for your kid’s class, if you have them or for a group you attend.these are so quick and cheap to put together .

Just fill a cellophane bag with the ingredients, we used 5 big spoons of hot chocolate, 1 of powder milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar, a layer of chocolate chips and a layer of mini marshmallows to finish it off, we found the easiest ways to fill the bags was to place the bag inside a glass and fill in layers. Then wrap the labels around and and attach to the bag by punching two holes in the top and threading ribbon through,
Red Printable labels Here

And Blue is available here 

4. Wrap those presents as they arrive – a quick tip if you don’t want to get in a muddle, pick a certain wrapping paper for each person and only wrap their presents in that, which is good if they have more than one thing arriving like my girls do.

5. Talking of presents try and finalize the main present list this week. I know there are those that like to run out at the last minute on Christmas Eve and get everything then but I am not one of them. I like to know everything is brought and wrapped ahead of time – less stress.

6.Have a bit of Christmas fun this week and make a gingerbread house or in our house a ginger bread train.

You can buy kits or make your own – there is a great recipe from Mary Berry HERE

7. Declutter kids bedrooms or you own beauty products or clothes before Christmas – you can donate good quality toys to charities like the St Vincent de Paul – but nothing broken or worn send those to the recycling center.


Chose how you are going to display your in coming cards –  there are so many lovely ways to do so but this year I have chosen this simple snowflake and mini pegs design – it cost me under 4 euros in my local craft shop to gather the things to make it. ]
9. Don’t forget to pick up Teacher’s gift or Office Party gifts 
One year we made cookies and chocolates for teacher – and  I Heart Nap Time has a wonder list of ideas for Teacher’s gifts.
10. If you have holiday bedding or table linen stored away – check it out and see if it needs washing and Iron it ready to use. 
And as usual I have made a lovely downloadable printable list just for you HERE
I am sorry again for being late hope this chest infections is gone soon. 

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