The 4 week Countdown to an Organised Christmas – Week 4

Finally getting to Week 4 of The Four Week Countdown to an Organised Christmas  and hopefully by the end of this week with 5 days to go to Christmas you will be cool, calm and collected and ready to have a great Christmas.

1. Hopefully all those presents you ordered online are arriving, if not try and chase down the sellers and see where they are , to put you mind at rest, places like Amazon allow you to track your gifts which is such a handy feature.

2. This week it is time to pick up the practical stuff – like batteries for toys that need them and always have spares. Light-bulbs because you can always guarantee that one will go on Christmas Eve ! Don’t forget to pick up Toilet Roll, Bin Bags, Sellotape, Dishwasher supplies and Tin Foil which always seem to run out over Christmas.

3. If you have pets make sure you have arrangements in place if you have to leave them in kennels or food to cover the Christmas period, nothing worse than running out of bunny food on Christmas day – mind you be careful when I went to get some bunny food before Christmas a couple of years ago, we ended up coming home with a Fancy Rat !!

4. Make sure that is anyone needs repeat medications that you have the prescriptions filled this week , also make use you stock up on paracetamol and antacids for people suffering over the holidays.

5. Remember to do some meal planning for the days around Christmas – sometimes we are so focused on the day that we forget to plan something for Christmas Eve or the days following if you need a hand on how to meal plan check out my link HERE and download the meal planner printable HERE 

6. Time to clean up the fridge for all those fresh Christmas Supplies – empty the fridge, give it a good clean and organize it so you can see what you have a glance.

7. If you need to buy heating supplies for your home do that now , so if you need to order oil, gas or coal get that done this week.  I was in a house that ran out of oil over Christmas many years ago  – chillllly and not that festive !!!

8. Check out your outfits for parties and festive parties,  do you need to get tights or accessories ? – pick those up this week and in our house we have a tradition on Christmas Eve of new pajama’s, you can get lovely, cheap ones from Penneys and Aldi.

9. For a bit of Christmas Fun this week organised with some friends and their kids to drive around to see the Christmas lights in your area – there is always one house that goes all out !!.

10.  Make some Christmas Pudding pops – this is just for fun as Christmas should be fun, the printable recipe is HERE

Hopefully this guide should mean that by Christmas week you can relax and enjoy your Christmas with Family and Friends !


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