How to make a Fresh Start to the New Year.

Welcome to 2016 from me, I want to be the first to say I am don’t really do resolutions, I know my self that big proclamations at the start of the year can quickly fizzle into dust by week two of the New year and so as a rule I don’t do them
 But I do like to see the New Year as a Fresh Start, time to wipe away the past and move onto something new – does that mean I will be running marathon’s this year NO but will I be walking more yes.

1. Clean up – literally I never start a new year with an untidy house. I clean out bins, I change bed clothes , I vacuum everything. My suggestion if you want a really clean slate check out my post on the Kon Mari  method of tidying up.

If you want to take it slower try picking one habit and stick with it for one month – like making your bed in the morning or doing one load of washing a day Flylady calls those baby steps and I am an exponent of her methods as they got me into shape many years ago when I was a disorganised mess.

2. Eat Fresh – I don’t mean suddenly cut out everything nice in your life and go an a stringent diet. I mean instead of reaching for process food pick something quick and tasty like these poached eggs and spinach and spring onion salad.

 Another way is download the Healthy diet Plan from Good Food  Or just pick an apple instead of biscuits or a small handful of nuts instead of a bag of chips.

3. Drink fresh – Try changing one drink a day for a large glass of lemon water it helps clear out your system.  I drink mine in the morning and trust me it is much better than that glass of soda.

4. Exercise Fresh – now I do not mean you have to join a gym or suddenly start running 5k. My plan is to walk more, it is apparently good for you. You could try yoga, pilates, swimming, salsa class, zumba anything to get you moving. 

5. Think Fresh – I loved my 30 days of Being Grateful it really did change the way I see things and I still try and think of things to be grateful for every day. I am going to try a little reflective time before bed this year.

6. Talking of bed I am going to try and cut my bed time down and go up a little earlier – I find these days I need it and those clean sheets are calling me.

7. Learn fresh – I believe every day is a school day and I plan on learning something new this year if I can – you can sign up for a course, you can learn how to speak French , you can learn how to Juggle or how to bake the perfect Cake.

8. Get a fresh take on Money – You Need a Budget have a brand new app which has a free trial, I have used it myself and recommend it. Last new year I start a saving account I only saved 10 Euro a week and got it taken out of my wages before I even noticed it in the end I had a nice little sum that covered my Christmas this year with some to spare and I am still saving now.

The good thing about just trying these new things is if you fail it is not a big deal – you tried.  And there is always next year but if you take these fresh ideas one at a time , who knows they might just stick. 

Have a great 2016 no matter what you do !


8 thoughts on “How to make a Fresh Start to the New Year.

  1. Deborah Davis says:

    Hi Amber,
    I am so delighted to see that “How to Beat the Post Holiday Blues” from Urban Naturale has been featured this week. I sincerely appreciate the support and recognition. I will share the feature pin on my blog! Thanks for hosting this awesome blog hop! All the best, Deborah


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