Menu Planning Monday

Well I am back and Menu Planning – mainly because I need organizing and my budget needs a helping hand that Menu planning gives you, to read more about menu planning and it’s benefits click here 

So for Monday we had Quorn Spaghetti Bol I am trying to get less meat into our diet and Aldi do a very good own version of Quorn called Meatless Mince – it is in the freezer section and it is very darn tasty . I have used it in Spag Bol, Chilli and Shepard’s pie.

Tuesday – It will be Chicken Fajita day in our house – I have brought some spinach wraps I can’t wait to try I am on a big Spinach kick at the moment as I prefer it to lettuce in my salads.

Wednesday Chorizo and Garden Vegetable Pasta I make it with Wholemeal pasta to make it healthier and you can leave the Chorizo out if you wanted a veggie version but I find the Chorizo gives it a kick.

Thursday – I said I was loving spinach and this Poached eggs on a spinach and scallion salad is a gorgeous meal. You could add some wholewheat toast to bulk out the meal but I like this if I am looking for something light.

Friday – Gammon Steak and grilled Pineapple, New Potatoes and Salad – A tasty meal and cheap too.

Saturday – not a clue as I have to get my oldest down to Cork so it will be dinner on the run

Sunday – Roast Chicken and the trimmings and Necterine/Peach Sorbet – the recipe is available HERE

I hope that I will be more organised next week and get back to taking care of my blog. Enjoy this weeks recipes and for more ideas and menus check out I am an Organizing Junkie’s Link up.


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