Menu Planning Monday

If nothing else in this time of great change in the house hold Menu Planning is still on track – it is the only thing keeping things sane in the house. Menu Planning is a great way of keeping yourself and  your budget organised, you can read more about it HERE and if you want more menus to cater for different tastes check out I am an Organizing junkie.

Monday –  Well today I am off, my eldest is home and my youngest is on midterm and their dad is helping me build a bed ( told you it was a bit chaotic ) so tonight we are being treated to Fish and chips and I couldn’t be happier !!

Tuesday – Back to work and back to reality, I have already got out meat for tomorrow, we are having Chicken and Black Bean sauce with wholewheat noodles – yummy

Wednesday – I have meatless mince so it will be either SlowCooker Chili or Spagetti I have the ingredients for both and I have an evening meeting so will have to leave the girls something easy to eat.

Thursday – I will be going shopping I imagine and so that will be Pizza night – if you wish to make your own go to pizza base this recipe HERE never fails

Friday – my eldest loves carbonara and she will be here so I am making it tonight – this recipe is quick easy and not too difficlut ot throw together – get our recipe HERE

Saturday – not sure what we are doing today – depends on plans as birthdays are coming up so I might be making birthday cake and HERE are two of our favourites 

Sunday – I will be making a Roast dinner as always and I will be making Banoffee Pie for afters it is simple but tasty.

 Well that is this week’s menu I am off to help finish piecing together the bed !! Have a wonderful week.


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