What Happened to Menu Planning Monday ?

Well What happened to Menu Planning Monday? – My daughter turned 16 that is what happened !!

So my baby that entered the world in dramatic style, just me and her in a bathroom in Wexford General hospital is now 16 and still giving me a run for my mone. This is her as a baby all quiet and peaceful.

And this was us last week at our friends’ Wedding.

My how she has grown – although not taller than me, unlike her sister who is 21 in a few days !!

Monday ( Birthday Night ) So tonight for tea the birthday girl wanted Burgers and Chips and we had Chocolate Cake for afters – not healthly at all but perfect birthday food. This Easy Chocolate Fudge cake is a dream to make and chocoholics will love you.


Steak and Ale Pies with Mash and Kale, I have steak bits to use up and a bit of ale left over from a friends visit at the weekend !!


Because sometimes you want something quick and easy and because we have pasta 🙂 Quick and Easy Bacon and Mushroom Pasta it is.

Thursday – Shopping night which as you know means Pizza night !!

Friday –  I have Chicken Pieces and some chinese sauces and stir fry veg so Easy Chinese Chicken 
it is !!

Saturday  – I am not sure what we are doing yet as we are Celebrating my Eldest’s 21st Birthday but I know her favorite is Carbonara. 

Sunday – It will be roast dinner time and as My daughter’s boyfriend will be here I better whip up an Apple Crumble just in case

 Back next week with more recipes and ideas -and if you want to see more menus check out I am an Organizing Junkie’s Weekly Link up.


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