Organising the house with vintage pieces

Oh my poor neglected blog I am sorry to have been missing for awhile but I have been busy working and trying to find my niche in the world ect.
For the last couple of week’s I have been trying to get the house organised again – now as some of you might know we currently live in a modern semi but my heart is a vintage one and I love vintage pieces to use as storage and hunt them down in Second-hand shops and online on eBay and Chairish  which is a site that makes it easy to buy and sell vintage furniture and decor so I thought I would share how I use vintage storage in my modern house. (All these opinions are my own and I was not paid for any of my opinions.) 

In my thoroughly modern kitchen, I have my favorite piece of furniture my pine dresser – I “inherited” from a friend of my Mum and no matter where I go I will only move to a house where it fits – it currently holds my craft supplies in the bottom and china and ornaments on the top. 

 Around the kitchen I have various baskets, jars and bowls to corral the mess – a hand carved bowl holds the fruit, an old cookie jar holds the cooking utensils and glass jars hold our wholewheat pasta.

I have all my baking tools, like cookie cutter, measuring bowls, blades for the mixer and rolling pins in a very large wicker basket in my cupboard. It makes baking so much easier as I just take the basket out and everything I need is in it and then you put them back in the basket and put it away. I got the basket from a car boot sale. And in the supply cupboard I have another basket which contain all the spices and sauces we use for cooking.

You can start to collect things yourself to add some vintage feeling into your kitchen – I have put together a mood board from Charish with gorgeous pieces I would love in my house.

This red pitcher would be perfect for holding wooden spoons and ladles, the vintage wire basket would be perfect for holding eggs. And I am in love with the vintage jars which would be so cute on the yellow and white welsh dresser.

I am blessed with a walk-in wardrobe but I still use baskets and boxes amongst the modern fitted cupboards.

My runners and pumps and soft ballet flats which I have a lot of are kept in a old log basket of all things and it works !!
On the windowsill, I have a bread basket which has my small evening bags in it and sometimes a cat ( I found her in there today) and another basket holds scarves.

And wrapping paper and all wrapping supplies are kept in a tall wicker basket which fits perfectly beside the built in units. The little biscuit tin contains cellotape, ribbons and bows.

Don’t have a walk-in wardrobe you can still use baskets and boxes in a wardrobe or armoires;, Chairish have a gorgeous collection.  I have pulled together another mood board for the bedroom from Chairish.

I adore the brightly coloured African woven Basket and the Hardboard suitcase reminds me of one we brought over from Australia in 1976. 
I hope you like my ideas for adding a little bit of the old to the new – baskets and jars and boxes are great and I have old ones and new ones because I believe that if everything has a place or a home it makes it easier to find and easier to put away. 
One day I hope to move all my things into my forever home which I hope has an Aga in the kitchen and a big farmhouse dining table and room for my veggie garden and chickens – a girl can dream.


One thought on “Organising the house with vintage pieces

  1. Randi Tisdall says:

    I think if I had $200 to just blow on whatever, I could easily do that with baskets for around the house lol. I love your ideas for the kitchen- I started using wooden spoons a few months ago and I'll never go back! I've also been working on transferring bulk items to glass jars, it feels (and looks) a lot better. Thanks for sharing your ideas love!


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