Menu Planning Monday

Hello! How are you my poor neglected blog followers ? I am sorry things have been quite everyone here has been down with a nasty viral infection one after the other, it hasn’t been pretty. Anyway, I am back and so is Menu Planning Monday. I love menu planning it saves money and organises my week to read how to do it and get a free printable to help you plan you meals you can click HERE.

Monday – Today is gorgeous in our little corner of Ireland so I am spending lots of time outside and I want something that will be quick and easy for dinner. So I am doing Cheese and Onion Quiche and salads.


Another quick and easy dish with is light enough on a sunny day or easy enough if you are working, which I will be,you can find the recipe if you click HERE  

Wednesday – Glazed Pork Chops with homemade apple sauce, new potatoes,and greens – you can find my printable recipe for Glazed Pork Chops HERE and if you want an easy slow cooker apple sauce recipe you can click HERE 

Thursday – Soft Chicken Taco’s and Salad, the girls are loving wraps and tacos at the moment and I love them because they are quick and low in fat.
Friday – Fantastic Fish Pie – this is a gorgeous way of getting fish into kids and they love it and it is not hard to throw together. Follow the following link to get the recipe – HERE
Saturday – I have my theory test as I am finally learning how to drive hopefully I will be celebrating after ( keep your fingers crossed ) so I am hoping to have a barbecue, the recipe for the skewers is HERE or if the weather is not obliging Home-made burgers and wedges and I have a great low-fat wedges recipe HERE
Sunday- not sure what we are having for dinner but I know what I want to make for dessert, Cherry Chocolate Ice-cream is divine and not too difficult to make the recipe for that and other cherry recipes are here
If you would like to see more menu ideas why not pop over to I am an Organizing Junkie where they have a menu link up every Monday 

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