Sick of Summer itches ? Just Zap it !

Dear Readers I have shared before that I live by a beautiful lake in the gorgeous countryside of Ireland. I am blessed, it is a beautiful area but in summer I suddenly become a banquet for every biting insect around this beautiful lake.

I am lucky as I am not allergic to the bites but the itching is unbearable so when I was offered the chance to try Zap -it the handy, pocket-sized bite blaster, I jumped at the chance – no one want to be itching all summer after all !!

At first I will admit I was nervous it might hurt but the zap is fine and my girls and I have used it constantly for the last few weeks – it definitely does remove the itch and means instead of incessant scratching and damaging my skin I can Zap it and treat it properly with antihistamines when I get home. I now carry it with me on all our dog walks by the lake and it is handy when the family are having barbeques or when I am out in my vegetable garden.
Scratching a midge or mosquito bite may bring short-lived relief but it also floods the bitten area with histamine causing swelling, incessant urges to scratch and a risk of damaging the skin’s surface, and therefore infection.

“Zap-It works by localising the poison and inhibiting the histamine release which is what causes the itching and swelling we all know. Effective without the use of chemicals Zap-It realises a small electric charge into the area around the bite with each device able to treat up to 1000 bites, doesn’t need batteries and is safe for use on children aged 4 and above.

One thing to remember when using Zap-It is you aren’t getting rid of any of the poison you are just helping to stop the itch and inflammation so if you do suffer from allergic reactions make sure you do seek advice for that as well.

Clicking Zap-It! several times around the area of a bite has the effect of localising the poison and inhibiting the histamine release which causes the itch and the urge to scratch.

The toxicity of the mosquito bite becomes neutralised with no harmful effect on the surrounding skin.Zap-It! is completely safe for human body and an effective treatment for insect bites.An essential travel/summer item!

  •          Rapidly stops itching and the urge to scratch
  •          Dramatically reduces inflammation and skin blemishes.
  •          Safe, simple and easy to use.
  •          Effective on most common insect bites.
  •         Extensively tested by leading entomologists who agree that “Zap-It! is effective”
  •          No batteries required, no chemicals, non-allergenic.
  •          Ecologically sound
  •          Portable, discreet, can be used anytime and anywhere.
  •          Up to 1000 uses
  •          A very practical gift for anyone going on holidays
  •          Not for people with pacemakers

If you want to try Zap-It for yourself they priced at €7.95 and available in different colours from selected health stores, pharmacies, garden centres . Also online at

 *This is an affiliate post but all opinions are mine alone and I would not recommend a product that I was not 100% sure about. This works and I would gladly buy it again.


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