Menu Planning Monday

Hello – Dear readers i know it has been a while too long in fact but truth is I was trying to work out whether I could continue blogging – it happens to all bloggers at some stage I am sure.
So things will be changing slightly as I introduce new things and sadly Pin Worthy Wednesday has had to go on hold. I
 would love to carry it on as I loved visiting other blogs and seeing their fantastic posts but truth is I am not sure how many would still be interested in it if it was only me doing it – let me know in the comments if you would still like some Pin Worthy Wednesday ?

Anyway- on to Menu Planning Monday and just in case you have forgotten what it is about, it is where I share my menu for the week, recipes and tips on how to menu plan and save money and who doesn’t want to save money ?
For more details on what menu Planning entails please check out my post on how and why I menu Plan – HERE

This is our Menu for this week – some things on the menu I picked because we have meat in the freezer to be used up, some because we haven’t had them in a while and some because they were requested meals – you can print your own menu to help you plan HERE

Monday – Well today is a Bank Holiday in Ireland and we are having relaxing day so as I have mince which I defrosted I am making a Spaghetti Bolognese – yes it might be simple and everyone knows how to throw a Spaghetti together but sometimes it is better to stick with what they love and I know it will be clear plates all around !

Tuesday – Spicy Cajun Pork Casserole – I work on Tuesdays all day and so I need a slowcooker recipe which I can get the girls to switch on and know it will be done when I get home and this Pork Casserole recipe is perfect – I have a printable recipe HERE 

Wednesday – I will most probably be going shopping in Aldi – my lot are loving these pizzas from the Specially Selected fridge section, it is almost as good as homemade and I will serve it with some wedges and Salad, my lot are partial to Caesar Salad.


I have been asked if we can have Gammon Steaks and it is another work day so I will pick some up in my weekly shop and sever with some new potatoes from the garden and salad.

Friday – Lemon Garlic Chicken – I am a big fan of the Cozi App and one of the things I love is they have a shopping list and a menu planner and recipes so you can menu plan all from the phone if you want to – I just put our menu planner into the calendar but I do use it for recipe ideas and I found this recipe there and I have a link to The Country Cook where the recipe came from originally – HERE


Every weekend no matter what the weather we have been Barbecuing and we have to change things up otherwise we might get bored – this week we had  specialised sausages and ribs and this weekend I plan on using the last of the pork and and chicken and make skewers – I have recipes for 3 types of Barbecue skewers HERE 

Sunday – I plan on using one of the freezer meals I make on Wednesday – if you don’t know what freezer meals are check out this post HERE  I found a wonderful resource with easy to make freezer meals and I will be making Beef Stroganoff as there is a special on steak in Aldi this week. By using specials and using your freezer you can save money and always have a meal on hand for those days when you would rather be out than stuck in a kitchen.

The recipe for Freezer Beef Stroganoff is here and a Printable version is HERE

Beef Stroganoff
Freeze in a bag:
1-lb stew meat
1-lb sliced baby bella mushrooms
1 onion, diced
½ cup apple juice
1 tablespoon beef stock base
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
2 cloves garlic, minced
Add 1 cup of water to ingredients, and cook on low for 8 hours. Stir in 1 cup of sour cream.

and I plan on making this lovely Apple pie recipe which I have a printable version of HERE

So that is this weeks recipes I hope it helps you plan your menu but if you need more ideas check out the Menu Planning Monday link up on I am an Organizing Junkie  
I plan on being back on Wednesday with a post on home organisation and maybe some Pin Worthy Wednesday so I hope to see you all there. 

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