Menu Planning Monday – Monday 8th August

Good Morning Readers – Another Monday and another chance to organise your life and take control of your food budget with Menu Planning Monday.
Menu Planning is perfect for busy and budget-friendly families, less than half an hour on a Sunday Evening or Monday morning and you have your shopping list and dinners done for the week and no more wondering what you are going to cook, running to the expensive corner shop for that ingredient you forgot or spending a fortune on take-out.

I am planning big things for Menu Planning Mondays so keep coming back today though it has taken me a while to get myself organised but I know it was worth it to sit down and plan out a menu for the week.

 If you are looking for a free printable to write down your own menu – I have one available HERE


Our Menu For this Week 

Monday – If you check last week’s menu we were meant to have Beef Stroganoff on Sunday, but of course things changed and we ended up having a lovely meal brought for us instead. So today I threw it in the slow-cooker instead –  I ended up working today so I was grateful to not have to think about dinnertime.

Tuesday – I managed to pick up some meat specials from Supervalu last week one was Lamb pieces and the other was Chicken Pieces. And with the Lamb pieces, I am making Tikka Marsala – I will not lie I am using a sauce and a few extra bits and throwing it in the slowcooker again as that make the lamb very tender. I am serving with Cauliflower rice as my daughter has a bad reaction to normal rice.

Wednesday – Mediterranean Chicken and Cous Cous which is a gorgeous recipe from Jaime Oliver  now Mister Oliver uses a whole chicken but for budget’s sake I use chicken legs !

Thursday – One of my own recipes I do love to write it down when experimental cooking goes well – and this Garden Veg and Chorizo recipe is really good if I do say so myself ! I may even serve it with new potatoes instead of Pasta for a change.

Friday Our go to Carbonara , yes I know more Pasta but because this is my youngest request I decided to let it in and if we serve new potatoes on Thursday it will not be pasta twice in a row.

Saturday – You know darn well if the weather is halfway decent we will be having Barbeque and Steak and Sweet corn is a good combo and Steak is on special in Aldi this week and I have Corn on the cob in my freezer.

Sunday – I am going to rely on the slowcooker again because I want to be able to relax on a Sunday so I will do Slowcooker Chilli  and I am going to make these amazing Cinnamon Rolls with raisins for Breakfast and I will share the recipe tomorrow so make sure you pop back in for that !

So that is this weeks menu and I hope you enjoy it – I love hearing from readers so if you have a question please ask away and I  hope to see you again tomorrow.


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