Tips for organising your fridge on a tiny budget – Frequently asked Questions on a Friday

I really do get asked about my fridge a lot – why did I organise it ? How did I organise it with no money and why do I label things ? I hope to answer some of those questions for you today with

Tips for Organising your fridge on a tiny budget

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I love an organised space and I adore some of the spaces I see on Pinterest but I am, like most people, on a tiny budget. That means I can’t spend £11.99 ( it ended up at 21 euros ) on gorgeous fridge storage like this from Amazon even if I wanted too.

So what do you do if you want to Organise your Fridge on a tiny Budget here are my tips

1. Search your local Euro, Pound, Dollar, Yen store for storage.I found these cute little baskets in my local hardware shop 3 euros for 5 of them and I brought lots of them in green and blue – I have used them all over my Kitchen. They are cleanable in the dishwasher which is a bonus.

2. If you are willing to wait awhile for things to arrive you can find bargains on Ali Express ( no I am not paid to say this ) 

I found these cute little Storage draws for a couple of euros,as long as you are willing to wait a month or two to get them, they are handy for snacks.

3. Label Fridge Storage – trust me on this one.
 I label things because I live with teenagers,they wouldn’t know where something was if you put it in front of them ! And would put it back wherever they could if I didn’t have a dedicated space for them. This advice goes for a lot of men and kids – if people can find things they are more willing to make their own snacks and sandwiches too.
4. Have a sandwich making centre – I have this box I picked up from Aldi when it was in the shop it wasn’t expensive,it’s BPA free and holds all my sandwich making things – like cheese, cold meats, spreads. If I am making lunches I just grab out this box and some bread and I have the basis for some easy sandwiches or wraps. 
5.Store your leftovers in clear plastic takeout containers , you can usually pick up a pack of 5 for a euro place them on the shelf that is eye-line when you open the fridge and then more people are likely to eat them.
6. Take a Freezer inventory and place it on your Fridge that way you always know what is in your freezer section I have designed a free printable Freezer inventory for you – just print it off and take 10 minutes and log everything in your freezer – it make meal planning a dream and you always know what you need to pick up in the shop. DOWNLOAD HERE and it is free.
I will leave you with a video of my fridge – no giggling at my videoing skills people ! Okay you can laugh a little but I promise to get better so follow me on on Facebook or Twitter for more videos and post on getting Organised and if you are looking for more Organisational post click HERE
Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully you liked this post.


7 thoughts on “Tips for organising your fridge on a tiny budget – Frequently asked Questions on a Friday

  1. Randi Tisdall says:

    These are great tips! My fridge def needs some organizing LOL- it can get chaotic! Tried to download your freezer printable, but it just comes up with a google error- thought you should know. Thanks for sharing this!


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