Menu planning Monday – August 15th

Welcome Back to Menu Planning Monday or Hi! if you are new here, Menu planning is a fabulous way to save money and be organised and I love it so I am here with recipes, ideas and printables to help you menu plan too.

To get ready for Menu Planning Monday I like to clean out my fridge – if you want to find out more about how I organise my fridge check out my post HERE . I clean out my fridge as I go shopping on Wednesdays and I like to know what we need, so using my Freezer Inventory -available here, I double check what we have and write down what meals I can make with what is in the fridge and freezer first.

Then to make up the rest of my Menu  –

  1. I use family favourites recipes 
  2. Check what is in special at the supermarket and find recipes that use them 
  3. I usually try at least one new recipe a week
So here is this weeks Menu –
    We are having Chorizo and Garden Veg Pasta, why because we have Chorizo and Veg from the garden and it is easy , unfortunately my darling daughter seems to have passed on a head cold to me and I really am not in the mood for anything too difficult which is why quick and easy recipes like Chrozio Pasta are on the menu tonight.
 I am working on Tuesday , so it a Slowcooker recipe – Spicy Pork Casserole. If you want to make life easier I suggest investing in a slow cooker – you can dump in the ingredients in the morning and come home to a perfectly cooked dinner in the evening so worth the investment.
It is shopping day and therefore Pizza night if you want to make your own stuffed crust Pizza I have a LINK HERE if you want to buy one from the shop I will not judge ! 

THURSDAY – I am making Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato,  Sweet Potatoes are surprising low fat and nutritious, they have vitamin A, C and B6 and are full of fibre, The printable recipe is HERE

FRIDAY – yes I know another pie but my family love fish pie and I have fish in the freezer to be used up so Fantastic Fish Pie  it is ! I am going to do them in individual pots and serve them with green beans.
SATURDAY – I am going out – yes I know it doesn’t happen often ! So No meal plan needed.
SUNDAY Beef and Guinness Casserole followed by Plum Galette and Custard  because Plums are on special in Aldi and so is Beef Pieces this week. 
Don’t forget you can print out your own Menu Planner and get planning you menu and saving money today. And if you want more menu ideas check out I am an Organizing Junkie which has a link up every Monday.


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