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Hello and Welcome, if you are new to Snapshot and Snippets and trying to find out what Snapshots and Snippets is all about.

 My name is Amber – Jane, I am a Mum, I live in Ireland, I also work part-time in PR and Event coordinating you can find out all about me and how I came to live in Ireland HERE 

 I love to cook, organise, crochet and craft, look after my animals and potter around my organic vegetable garden.

That is why I am called Snapshot and Snippets it is just snapshots and snippets of my crazy life in Ireland.

If you are looking for Organization –  I post my Menu Planning Monday every Monday, it has how I shop, what we are having, recipes and ideas and links to a free printable.

You can also find all my organizing posts – HERE I am basically a disorganized soul that is looking to organize my life and I share that journey with my readers.

If you stopped by to find Family Friendly Recipes like my most clicked recipe Chorizo and Garden Pasta  or Home-Made Strawberry Ice-cream  you can find them all HERE

If you stopped by to find some Crochet ideas you can find them HERE I love to make quick and easy projects.

If it was other crafts you were looking for I have lots to try HERE  – from Printables to Garden projects to Sewing crafts.

And if it is the gardener in you, that is here looking to start growing your own vegetables and raising your own chickens I have post HERE that will tempt you to start.

And if you are looking for a Link UP Party I am now doing “I am Pinnable” every Wednesday you are always welcome to join.

Last but not least if you are here thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by I love reading comments and getting to know my readers,